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Step-By-Step Guide On How To Pin Messages In Individual And Group Chats On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature allowing users to pin chats for both one-on-one and group conversations, the company has announced. Pinned messages let users highlight crucial content in […]


Why Tesla Autopilot cars are being recalled : How the company plan to fix it.

Tesla Autopilot cars are being recalled Tesla introduced Autopilot software in October of 2015 with CEO Elon Musk heralding it as a profound experience for people. Other automakers such as […]


Elon Musk’s Tesla recalls two million cars in US : Autopilot defect

Tesla is recalling more than two million cars after the US regulator found its driver assistance system, Autopilot, was partly defective. The recall applies to almost every Tesla sold in […]


World Cup 2024 In South Africa : Uday Saharan named captain

Saumy Kumar Pandey has been named as Uday Saharan’s deputy for the 2024 ICC Under-19 World Cup in South Africa. The BCCI announced the India squad for the U19 World […]


Parliament Attack : Lok Sabha Security breach

During a Lok Sabha session, two youths disrupted proceedings by jumping from the visitor gallery, releasing a yellow smokescreen, and shouting slogans demanding an end to tyranny while evoking a […]